Electromechanical Actuators

MNAI application-specific electromechanical actuators provide exceptional durability and unfailing accuracy in some of the harshest environments.

Applications currently depending on MNAI's electromechanical actuators include large dipole mast antennas, phased array antennas of radar shelters, communication antenna reflector positioning, underwater sonar detection devises, waste compaction in space vehicles, weapon stabilization devices, and vehicle missile launcher platforms.

Series MD2634 Actuators

Designed for rugged, heavy-duty outdoor applications, these actuators have been specified to elevate large dipole mast antennas, phased array antennas of radar shelters, and for accurate antenna leveling applications in military field operations under harsh climactic conditions.

Design Specifications:
Operating Load: 1200 lbs. Tension or Compression
Proof Static Load: 9900 lbs.
Non-Axial Load: 400 lbs.
Travel Rate: 1125 inches/second
Input: 200 Volts AC 400 Hz.
Retracted Length: 47.7 inches
Extended Length: 79.7 inches
Special Features: Clutches at both drive inputs; no back drive at proof load

Series MD2835 Actuators

Used in numerous communications antenna reflector applications, these heavy-duty actuators serve as structural members while also driving both antenna elevation and cross-drive axis of the antenna. Variations in the stroke of the actuator serve to control the motion of the reflector about the antenna axis rotation.

Design Specifications:
Rated Load: 6000 lbs.
Travel Rate: Variable through Servo feedback
Non-Axial Load: 400 lbs.
Special Features: Travel limit switches; mechanical stops; manual drive; drive-shaft torque limiter; compact motor tach-brake assembly.

Series MD2794 Actuators

These compact, fully enclosed mechanisms provide maximum protection against environmental elements. Used extensively in such applications as underwater sonar detection mechanism and other harsh environment applications where precise positioning is critical.


Series MD2896 Actuators

The work-horse of many weapons programs the MD2896 is designed to provide heavy-duty performance under the most severe climactic conditions.

Special Features:
Fully weatherproof; manual drive override; fail-safe holding brake; maintenance-free electromechanical actuation.