Vibragard Fasteners

Vibragard™ fasteners are quick-connect/disconnect locking mechanisms that have been used extensively in the aerospace, marine and land-based defense systems. These fasteners are designed for panel fastener operation where positive locking is required in a high vibration environment. Typical applications for the product include use on removable deck panels, exterior fairings, door closures, and access panels.

Custom designed to perform specific functions, the flush mounted fastener is vibration resistant, contains no loose parts and is completely tamper resistant. The Vibragard fastener's one-piece design offers draw-up capabilities where required and its visible locked/unlocked status provides safe and effective operation.

Vibragard Fastener Features

-Vibration Resistant
-Flush Mounted
-No loose parts
-No special tools required
-Easily installed
-Corrosion resistant materials
-Tamper resistant
-Clearly visible locked/unlocked status

Unlocked  \  Locked